Premium Sun Selling – How to build a sun business

Plano sunglasses is one of the biggest practice opportunities in the industry today. Today less than 2% of all plano sunglasses are sold by the IECP.

Most practices however aren’t committed to being their patients sunglass source, don’t have enough sun inventory to be taken seriously as a sun destination, or don’t see themselves as a place that their patients can drop in to shop for nonprescription sunglasses off their typically wellness schedule. There is also the problem of patients unknowingly purchasing cheap sunglasses without understanding the dangers.

Plano sunglasses is not only an out-of-pocket revenue stream opportunity but also an investment in educating the consumer on what’s best for their eye health.

Join us to discover and understand the harmful effects of UV rays on our eyes and vision, learn how to recognize the sales opportunity when educating customers on how high quality, premium sunglasses are the only choice for consumers to best protect their sight, and discover the industry best practices on how to not only build a sun business but have it thrive as a profit center.