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Art of Assortment Planning: Understand Customer Habits

Learn how to reduce your inventory liability and increase your frame capture rate through the proper retail assessment of you dispensary. Understanding and capitalizing on your assortment will elevate the retail experience and increase profitability.
At the end of this course you will:
– Gain insight on how to update and maximize a frame assortment.
– Recognize the sales opportunity by improving product positioning and brand selection.
– Identify easy steps for improvement, implementation, and monitoring of key KPI’s within your practice.

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Revitalize Your Practice with the Ray-Ban Authentic Prescription Programs

Learn why this Ray-Ban program is a sure success at helping you increase the patient experience and helping you reboot your sales quickly with the #1 sunglass brand in the world.

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Ted Spera Ted Spera

Revitalize your Practice with the Oakley Authentic Prescription Program

Learn from the worlds leading sports eyewear brand on the benefits of pairing prescription lenses with frames by the same manufacturer and how a complete brand package offers added technical benefits to the wearer and greater efficiency, margin and service to the ECP.

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Strategies to Maximize Profit with Managed Vision Care

Vision care plans are confusing and frustrating. Understanding how plans work and how to maximize profitability continues to elude us. Profiting with managed care is not just about knowing the plans, it’s about the combination of products, pricing, knowledge and how we present it to our patients.
Topics will include:
– Leading your staff towards effective patient communication
– Frame formularies and plan variations
– Maximizing profit with plans and effective board space management
– Assessing total value of plans for your practice

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Doubling the Optical Opportunity

Learn how to improve your patient profitability by changing staff and patient behavior and getting into the habit of selling multiple pairs.

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The Frames Advisor: Improving the Patient Experience

Learn how to elevate the patient experience leveraging frame fit and fashion into the sale.

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Oakley Eyewear – Health & Safety

Description: In order to provide service continuity and manage store activities in a safe and controlled environment for our customers, we share tips and best practices to properly prepare your store and eyewear for when the market begins to normalize.

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Unlock the Potential of Telemedicine for Eye Care

Telemedicine is here, now, and not going anywhere. Previously limited to almost exclusively diabetic and other retinal screenings, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape and scope of practice forever. Learn how early-adopters and open-minded eyecare professionals are unlocking the potential and leveraging telemedicine technology to improve the services they offer. This course includes powerful metrics on telemedicine and its application post-COVID19, as well as proven success strategies for software, billing, reimbursement, licensing, malpractice issues, and more.

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The Building Blocks of a Successful Business

Every business requires resources, knowledge and lots of decisions and in this new post COVID reality, a strong business model is paramount to our success even more so. Most of us were not taught the fine art of business management while in school and as such many of us have been at a huge disadvantage. Join us as we take you through the building blocks of your business and discuss learning outcomes for both the clinic and optical that I have experienced over the last 30 years of optometric business development and operations.

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Increase Capture Rate, One Experience at a Time

Patients have more choices for purchasing eyewear and contact lenses than ever before. Eye care professionals must adapt their practices to accommodate what the post-COVID patient cares about most and create the most safe, yet remarkable experience possible. Learn how to reimagine the patient journey, how to listen and identify the most common patient purchasing objections, the skills necessary to overcome their purchasing fears, how to differentiate from online retailers, and strategies to retain and build loyal relationships.

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Oakley Prizm: Contrast Enhancing Lenses in Market

Oakley’s revolutionary lens technology, Prizm has been a key driver in the emerging trend of color enhancing lenses in market. To understand Prizm, we need to first understand how our eyes see color. Join us for a live demonstration of the Oakley Spectrometer, a tool used to measure the amount of each wavelength of color passing through a sunglass lens.

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Premium Sun Selling – How to build a sun business

Plano sunglasses is one of the biggest practice opportunities in the industry today. Today less than 2% of all plano sunglasses are sold by the IECP.

Most practices however aren’t committed to being their patients sunglass source, don’t have enough sun inventory to be taken seriously as a sun destination, or don’t see themselves as a place that their patients can drop in to shop for nonprescription sunglasses off their typically wellness schedule. There is also the problem of patients unknowingly purchasing cheap sunglasses without understanding the dangers.

Plano sunglasses is not only an out-of-pocket revenue stream opportunity but also an investment in educating the consumer on what’s best for their eye health.

Join us to discover and understand the harmful effects of UV rays on our eyes and vision, learn how to recognize the sales opportunity when educating customers on how high quality, premium sunglasses are the only choice for consumers to best protect their sight, and discover the industry best practices on how to not only build a sun business but have it thrive as a profit center.

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The Opportunities & Challenges of Selling Online

Online shopping and in-store pick orders continue to increase and many eye care professionals are wondering if selling online is the right move for their practice. While setting up an online store can be easy, it’s important to plan and understand the strategy to ensure the decision to offer an online store is profitable and worth the time investment. Learn about the opportunities and challenges of selling eye care products online, recommended tools, and how to create strong online sales incentives that don’t cannibalize in-office optical sales.

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Practice Culture During COVID-19, Why it’s More Important Than Ever

Practice culture is often discussed as an amorphous, unattainable abstract. In the face of an ongoing health crisis, this course talks about why developing and executing a sustainable practice culture is more important than ever before. Putting your vision and culture into practice and getting it to stick can be the difference between having the COVID pandemic consume your practice or coming through it successfully.

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Social Media 201: Advanced Tips for Growing Your Audience

Go beyond the basics and master advanced strategies designed to grow your social media following. Learn how to run contests, use hashtags, create engaging visuals, capture HIPAA compliant patient testimonials, and more. Training also includes instruction on the social media strategy, planning, and execution necessary to increase engagement, attract new patients, improve existing patient retention, and help patients make better purchasing decisions.

Approved for 1 hour of ABO, NCLE, CPC, COPE, NACOR and COO.

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